Essentially Diffused


Essential oils are great for helping my family relax. Here's a few of my favourites.

my favourite oils


dōTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil

As a busy mum of three, I often find myself stressed and fatigued.

Peppermint has come to my rescue on many occasions to help relieve brain fog, improve focus and relieve head tension.

One drop inhaled from my cupped hands or inhaled straight from the bottle gives instant improvement for my mood! I have been known to also add a drop to my coffee – when my coffee needs a coffee!

Citrus Bliss

This oil feels like I am being indulgent … a beautiful blend of uplifting citrus combined with sweet undertones of vanilla … aaaaahhh bliss!!!!

I love this oil diffused in the mornings to help myself and my family kickstart the day on happier grounding, diffused during the day to bring a gentleness and calming when there is a lot to get through, or in the afternoon to help everyone (my children and myself) through the afternoon slump.

Tea Tree

I find Tea Tree to be my ‘Swiss-army-knife’ oil – I carry it everywhere with me and use it for a variety of reasons and ailments.

I love Tea Tree for its emotional protective qualities, used to help clean hands after fueling the car or grocery shopping, children’s cuts and scrapes, and tingling sores that sometimes crop up in times of stress!!